The Wedding Day being the most important day of your life is at most that one day that you want absolutely PERFECT! You want the guest to be happy and content and the arrangements, the best but besides the décor, the most important thing to be taken care of is the food you serve your guests. Now, it can be a big challenge for the couple on deciding what to put up for the menu. Hence, to resolve this matter here are some ideas to help you with that kind of trouble on your important day.


Now, comfort food is one thing that guests look forward to, at least most of them do as these little shooters keep the party going and maintains the hype. For comfort food item, many ideas are there like little self-created side dishes and it will be even more fun if you join your caterer to give some creative ideas.

You can add little hot dogs, macaroni and cheese in the mini sizes, grilled goat cheese, Belgian waffles, garlic knots, little cupcakes or freshly oven-baked biscuits, the idea of having little BLT sandwiches are never getting old, toasted cheese with tomato soup shooter and tiny little hamburgers aren’t just the best. Little pizza bites are all time favorite and how can we forget the idea of having little cute pies and tarts. After all, isn’t comfort food that one thing that keeps the guests fresh and lively.


Well, setting up a cocktail comes with as many options as you can get. However, out of many options, some short-listed ones are Whiskey Lemonade, watermelon mint white cocktail, if you want to get colorful try autumn sangria with pomegranates, figs and apples and sparkling raspberry mimosa. Sticking to one cocktail is always a better idea especially if you want to control your budget.


It is advised to set up a simple buffet but there is no harm in getting a bit fancy. Set up a family style buffet. You can start with a simple menu like rice and bean, corn on the cob, steamed vegetable, rolls mashed potatoes, grilled tofu, stir fry pulled pork, cod filet and casseroles.


Now these can really be as tricky as possible but there is simply no harm in sticking to the classics and all-time favorites like mac and cheese, lasagna, fajitas, rice-based dishes and if you are on high horses and want to order something fancy then going for butternut squash with fresh fruit and stake, grilled chicken with cherry tomato skewers, setting up a family style bagel bar or American style dinner, go all vegan with fall vegetable and fennel salad or spring salad, a family style pizza dinner, fajita with taco bar,  fried chicken with waffles, filet mignon with green bean or seasonal food with sauces either one can be wholesome.

You can also ask for a list of dishes offered by the caterers, you might find something interesting.