Wedding Ideas on a budget

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Wedding Ideas on a budget

Do you want to marry in a classy and gorgeous way? Do not have enough budget for that? Then you don’t have to worry because here, we are going to give you some of the amazing ideas for amazing, stylish, fun, memorable and stunning wedding on a budget. The budget of a wedding is the most common factor that significantly influences your wedding decision. A simple wedding can cost up to $250,000, it may be the most expensive event of your whole life events. To resolve this problem, you need to plan your budget clearly and here are some ideas for a wedding on a budget.

  1. Plan your wedding

Our first ultimate tip of the wedding on a budget is to plan your wedding in a strategic way and start your shopping before a year. This will help to reduce your stress and you will feel less burdensome to complete your bucket list for the wedding.

  1. Make a guest list carefully

This is one of the most important factors in the wedding that influences your budget immensely. Try to make a guest list carefully, do not invite everyone on your wedding. Separate your important guests who must be invited, from the guests who are okay not to be invited.

  1. Wedding Venue

Wedding venue really decides your wedding cost. To select a wedding venue for getting married, pick the day other than Saturday and find a place far from the city or you can simply hold your wedding ceremony at your home. By doing this you can save a lot of money.

  1. Food and drinks, catering for wedding

Food and liquor is another costly thing to make you go out of your decided budget. To resolve this problem, decide a venue which allows you to bring your own liquor and food supplements. Call friends and family for help in preparing food and arrange your own liquor or if your friend and someone you know, owns a restaurant then ask for a discount. This will amazingly lower the budget of your wedding.

  1. Ask for wedding help

Ask your friends and family for wedding help, there must be people in your vicinity who can provide you help for wedding video, photographs, decor or music. This will give them a chance to show their skills and help you to control your wedding budget, go for this win-win measure.

  1. Floral Arrangements

Flowers really make your wedding look like a wedding. To keep floral arrangements in your budget do not go for an expensive and overloaded floral arrangement. Try to keep it simple and gorgeous. You can also arrange flowers on your own by cutting tips and arranging them or you can get help from the internet by doing some search.

  1. Design your own invitation cards

The other simple and easy way to limit your wedding budget is to design your own invitation cards. You can just select a classy wedding card template from the internet, add a simple test and print them out.


Plan everything at your wedding and follow these simple and easy tips to have a memorable, on a budget wedding!